The Course

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The Course

Below you can see a Course Map, Course Video, and even pictures of each of the turns so you’ll know exactly where to go on race day.

All the races (and the walk) will both start and finish at the Park and Ride in front of the Ramada Inn in Saco. The courses maintain a fairly even elevation with only minor hills to climb, so your chances of a PR are great! Check out our course map and the video showing the roads you’ll be running on race day. We’ll do our best to block off all areas of traffic that we can, and we’ll make sure that if there are cars on the road that you’re safe on at all times.

Course Description (5k)

All runners will start at the Ramada Inn in Saco, and turn SE onto North St (Rt. 112). They will continue on North St. and turn right onto Garfield St. Runners will make a right turn onto Shagadee Rd. and will continue all the way to the end. When they reach the end of Shagadee Rd. runners will turn left onto Bradley St. (Rt. 5). They will continue on Bradley St. until they reach Tasker St. where they will make a left turn. Runners will follow Tasker St. all the way to the end and make a U-turn back onto Shagadee Rd. They will then turn right onto Garfield, and then a left turn back onto North St where they will head back to the Ramada Inn to finish.

Course Description (10k)

All 10k runners will follow the 5k route for the first half of their race (read above). When the 5k runners turn left at the Ramada Inn to finish, 10k runners will continue straight on North St. Runners will cross the bridge going over I-95, and will continue all the way to make a left turn on Wendy Way. They will continue on Wendy Way and turn right onto Douglas Ave. Runners will follow Douglas Ave all the way to the end, and turn left onto Hillview Ave. They will then take their first right onto Waycott Way, and will follow the road around Sheila Cr. Runners will make the loop around Sheila Cr, then head back to North St. following the same route they took in. Once on North St. runners will head back over the bridge toward the Ramada Inn to finish.

Race Day Info

Check In : 6:00am – 7:30am
Tot Trot Start : 8:00am
5k / 10k Start : 8:30am
Award Ceremony : 9:30am
Pre-Register: Here
Location: Saco, ME

Course Records (Female)

  1. 10k - Emily Lopez, 22, 38:17
  2. 10k - Laurie Woodman, 57, 42:14
  3. 10k - Sue Williamson, 54, 47:25
  1. 5k - Marisa Carbone, 18, 19:02
  2. 5k - Dusty Sacco, 23, 19:56
  3. 5k - Kelly Hadiaris, xx, 20:11

Course Records (Male)

  1. 10k - Christopher Dunn, 33:34
  2. 10k - Wesley Moody, 18, 33:56
  3. 10k - Garrett Huddy, 30, 37:01
  1. 5k - Thomas Pore, 36, 16:26
  2. 5k - Eric Maughan, 16:46
  3. 5k - Jason Beaver, 16, 17:01

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