Packet Pick Up

Date: 11/21/18
Time: 10:00am – 6:00pm
Location: Ramada Inn Conference Center

Packet Pick Up

Each registered participant is encouraged to pick up their race supplies at packet pick-up the day before the race. Race packets include bib number, safety pins and race day information. These supplies are required to run, and are only released with a photo ID. If you still need to register to run, you can do that here. Note that race crew will be accepting registrations at packet pick up.

Picking Up  Someone Else’s Packet

If you are picking up a race packet for a friend or family member, you will need a printed copy of their registration confirmation. You may be asked to sign for the release of their race packet. The reason we do all of this is as a safeguard against people checking in as a runner when they did not actually register. It is also common for people to check in for a friend or family member and forget to tell them. This can cause a lot of confusion, so we just put an extra safety measure in place to stop that.

If you miss packet pick-up, you can still get everything on race day, but there will probably be a line.

Where and When

Wednesday, November 21, 2017 from 10:00am to 6:00pm at the Ramada Inn Conference Center. We have extended the hours this year in order to help those runners who are working until 5:00pm. Feel free to park at the Confrence Center when coming to check in. Note: using the “Conference Center” exit on I-95 will not allow you to drive through Saco, but will only allow you to get back onto the highway. You can still get access to all check in areas, but will not be able to leave through the main exit. We encourage participants to take the Saco exit on race day for this reason.

Race Day Info

Check In : 6:00am – 7:30am
Tot Trot Start : 8:00am
5k / 10k Start : 8:30am
Award Ceremony : 9:30am
Pre-Register: Here
Location: Saco, ME

Course Records (Female)

  1. 10k - Emily Lopez, 22, 38:17
  2. 10k - Laurie Woodman, 57, 42:14
  3. 10k - Sue Williamson, 54, 47:25
  1. 5k - Marisa Carbone, 18, 19:02
  2. 5k - Dusty Sacco, 23, 19:56
  3. 5k - Kelly Hadiaris, xx, 20:11

Course Records (Male)

  1. 10k - Christopher Dunn, 33:34
  2. 10k - Wesley Moody, 18, 33:56
  3. 10k - Garrett Huddy, 30, 37:01
  1. 5k - Thomas Pore, 36, 16:26
  2. 5k - Eric Maughan, 16:46
  3. 5k - Jason Beaver, 16, 17:01

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